Master and Commander

  A common frustration among small business owners is the lack of execution or implementation of their stated goals and objectives. In fact, they may have clearly articulated their vision for their business – their BHAG, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal – as James Collins and Jerry Porras put it in their 1994 book Built Read more about Master and Commander[…]

So Just Quit – Redirecting As A Success Strategy

  Americans hate quitting. Except for smoking, we don’t typically celebrate quitters. It’s ingrained in our social fabric, our mores, and our national character. A recent America’s Cup race had Oracle Team USA trailing by a margin of 8-1. The New Zealand team only needed one win to clinch it. It would have been easy, Read more about So Just Quit – Redirecting As A Success Strategy[…]


Business Success: What It Takes

  Business Success Comes By Knowing Where You’re Going There are a number of concepts and truths in business that are powerful. Actions we take, words we speak, and the strategies we employ all have power to make or break our business. But there are four aspects of business success that matter most. The Power of Read more about Business Success: What It Takes[…]

Is Your Company Culture By Design Or By Default?

  Are You Creating Your Company Culture? One of the most slippery and elusive concepts to articulate and define in your business is its company culture. Every company has one. It is the prevailing collective mindset and attitude of the staff. It is a reflection of the leadership. It colors and influences every aspect of Read more about Is Your Company Culture By Design Or By Default?[…]