Authentic Leadership And Being Real

One of the hardest lessons any great leader must learn is that no one person is good at everything. We all have strengths and qualities that, in some ways, set us apart from most people. In some people these are markedly so. And great leaders recognize these strengths and qualities in themselves and strive to Read more about Authentic Leadership And Being Real[…]

Why Your Staff Hates Meetings

It’s nothing new. In most companies, in every country, regardless of their position, people hate meetings. And rightfully so. The Meetings Will Continue Until Morale Improves Business meetings can be so bad – and inescapable – that Patrick Lencioni, the founder of The Table Group, was able to write a best-selling book on the topic Read more about Why Your Staff Hates Meetings[…]


Business Success: What It Takes

  Business Success Comes By Knowing Where You’re Going There are a number of concepts and truths in business that are powerful. Actions we take, words we speak, and the strategies we employ all have power to make or break our business. But there are four aspects of business success that matter most. The Power of Read more about Business Success: What It Takes[…]

A Passion For Customer Service

  Getting Passionate About Customer Service It may sound a bit strange to talk about passion when it comes to customer service. Perhaps, but I believe that having a real interest in and passion for what one does cannot help but to infuse that activity with power. This is particularly true when we speak of Read more about A Passion For Customer Service[…]

Is Your Company Culture By Design Or By Default?

  Are You Creating Your Company Culture? One of the most slippery and elusive concepts to articulate and define in your business is its company culture. Every company has one. It is the prevailing collective mindset and attitude of the staff. It is a reflection of the leadership. It colors and influences every aspect of Read more about Is Your Company Culture By Design Or By Default?[…]