Serving Customers. How Hard Can It Be?



I just spent a week in Arizona last winter.

Arizona in January is not that bad. But, in Prescott Valley, where we stayed, it gets freaking cold! So much so that the occasional rain showers turned to snow.

Oh, and in addition to seven nights in three different hotels, we ate out for every meal. This brings me to an occupational hazard of mine.

As a business owner do you ever find yourself critiquing and analyzing other business’s operations, processes and customer service? (Or lack of it!) Well, that’s what I caught myself doing throughout the entire week. And I couldn’t help myself.

While my observations were by no means scientific or structured, the perceptions, impressions, and experiences I gathered gave me a very distinct if anecdotal conclusion: far too many businesses suffer from dysfunctional operations, ineffective (or simply non-existent) processes, and customer service that consistently falls in the 3 out of 5 star range.

Now, I know that this is not a fair representation of small businesses as a whole, but I bet it is pretty close to the real picture. We have all heard cries of lousy customer service in American stores and businesses. We all know that our own businesses, as well as our neighbor’s, are sorely lacking in many fundamental and essential processes.

In other words, despite any number of stellar companies there are across the small business landscape, the truth is that most fall short of what they could be.

And should be.

Tapping Into Greatness

I am a firm believer that greatness – or at least the potential for it – resides within every individual. This is what I strive to tap into and engage with when coaching – the often latent greatness that is stirring with the heart and mind of my business owner client.

Imagine that, much like your computer with the ubiquitous label that reads “Intel Inside”, you have a virtual label across your heart that reads “Greatness Inside”.

And because the key factor in building a truly great company is great leadership, there is hope for every business owner in building a great business, a company that consistently ranks in the five star range of effective operations and remarkable customer service.

So, what has your own research shown you?