April 26, 2016

Team Coaching


Exceptional Customer Service is a Team Mission

Customer service is not simply the actions of individuals in your business. It is the integrated actions and approach of everyone in your business. Exceptional customer service is not simply a function – it is a corporate state of being. And team coaching is key.


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

– Henry Ford


Businesses that are truly great have great leadership and this extends to the leadership team of so-called “upper management” employees. While the owner or CEO may have a strong vision for exceptional customer service and for a service culture in the business, it is the leadership team that must make that vision a reality.

Team Coaching Can Take Your Company Culture Higher – And Deeper

One of the keys to successfully incorporating an exceptional customer service mindset into your company culture is your leadership team. Your managers are critical in developing and building a service-focused culture.


Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.

– Ted Sundquist


While the leadership vision and direction of the business owner or CEO is absolutely essential, it is a company’s leadership team that is the instrument for building, developing and sustaining a great company culture. And the larger the organization, the more critical and profound this dynamic becomes.

Many companies are fortunate enough to have good employees who value customer service and do what they can to deliver it. But without a comprehensive and holistic approach that is implemented and sustained by a leadership team, good customer service will only be a random and inconsistent process.

Team coaching provides an effective approach to unifying the owner or CEO’s customer service vision and values with that of the leadership team. This, in turn, can then be successfully imparted to the company as a whole.



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