Authentic Leadership And Being Real

One of the hardest lessons any great leader must learn is that no one person is good at everything. We all have strengths and qualities that, in some ways, set us apart from most people. In some people these are markedly so. And great leaders recognize these strengths and qualities in themselves and strive to Read more about Authentic Leadership And Being Real[…]


Serving Customers. How Hard Can It Be?

  I just spent a week in Arizona last winter. Arizona in January is not that bad. But, in Prescott Valley, where we stayed, it gets freaking cold! So much so that the occasional rain showers turned to snow. Oh, and in addition to seven nights in three different hotels, we ate out for every meal. This brings me to Read more about Serving Customers. How Hard Can It Be?[…]

Master and Commander

  A common frustration among small business owners is the lack of execution or implementation of their stated goals and objectives. In fact, they may have clearly articulated their vision for their business – their BHAG, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal – as James Collins and Jerry Porras put it in their 1994 book Built Read more about Master and Commander[…]

Why Your Staff Hates Meetings

It’s nothing new. In most companies, in every country, regardless of their position, people hate meetings. And rightfully so. The Meetings Will Continue Until Morale Improves Business meetings can be so bad – and inescapable – that Patrick Lencioni, the founder of The Table Group, was able to write a best-selling book on the topic Read more about Why Your Staff Hates Meetings[…]

Note To Self: Change Or Die

It has become something of a very worn-out cliché, but the concept is still valid: business owners must be able to innovate and think beyond their habitual ways of thinking in order to survive, to grow, to thrive. It is no surprise to anyone that the world seems to change daily. Things Change. Do You? Read more about Note To Self: Change Or Die[…]

So Just Quit – Redirecting As A Success Strategy

  Americans hate quitting. Except for smoking, we don’t typically celebrate quitters. It’s ingrained in our social fabric, our mores, and our national character. A recent America’s Cup race had Oracle Team USA trailing by a margin of 8-1. The New Zealand team only needed one win to clinch it. It would have been easy, Read more about So Just Quit – Redirecting As A Success Strategy[…]

Are You Motivated? Or Inspired?

  [Originally published on June 1, 2016] Motivation Is Not the Same as Inspiration Sometimes inspiration comes from a place of need or want. And please note that I am speaking of “inspiration”, not “motivation”. We all know that being motivated can come from the offer of great reward (positive) or from fear or dread (negative). Read more about Are You Motivated? Or Inspired?[…]


Business Success: What It Takes

  Business Success Comes By Knowing Where You’re Going There are a number of concepts and truths in business that are powerful. Actions we take, words we speak, and the strategies we employ all have power to make or break our business. But there are four aspects of business success that matter most. The Power of Read more about Business Success: What It Takes[…]

Becoming A Business With Heart

  Can You Be A Business With Heart? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Great quote. Great principle. Too bad more businesses don’t take it to heart. One does not have to be a Christian, or even particularly religious or spiritual, to appreciate the sublime power of that statement. If Read more about Becoming A Business With Heart[…]